Brent Fischer, Director | Bruce Rauner, Governor
Narcotic Detection Canine Update and Information - UPDATED 4/5/2018

Effective March 26, 2018 ILETSB will be conducting a comprehensive review of the current canine program.  Annual Certification and Initial training will remain the same, but changes are on the horizon. No additional new training academy requests will be considered until the program is updated. The current certified list can be found here.

In an effort to ensure our records are accurate and up to date, we are asking your assistance in this process. 

First, we are asking that any agency who removes a canine from service (retired, deceased etc.) report that information to the Board by emailing

Second, we have found that a number of agencies are using the old report forms for either initial or annual certification.  The new versions of the forms are found on the website by selecting “Resources”, then “Forms and Information” then selecting the Narcotic Detection Canine Training Report Form Annual or Initial.  Information pertaining to new or annual recertification can be found to the right of the Initial Report Form.