Keith Calloway, Interim Executive Director | JB Pritzker, Governor
Staff Directory


Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board

4500 South Sixth Street Rd
Springfield, IL 62703
(217) 782-4540
(217) 524-5350

Staff Members

Name Title Email
Vacant Police Training Specialist
  • Northeastern Illinois Region
  • Sworn Investigator
    Jeffrey Chapman Confidential Assistant to the Executive Director
    • Sworn Investigator
      Anthony Cobb Deputy Director of Operations
      • Sworn Investigator
        Kelly Griffith General Counsel

          Vacant Manager of In-Service Training
            Michael Haley Receptionist
            • Training Roster Data Input
              Kelly Ingram Associate Director of Information Services
                John Keigher Chief Legal Counsel
                  Fred Kientzle Police Training Specialist
                  • West Central Illinois Region
                  • Sworn Investigator
                  • Statewide K9 Coordinator
                    Denise A. Matthew Lead Accountant
                      Michelle Mlinar Personal Assistant to the Executive Director
                        Jan Noble Police Training Specialist
                        • Northwestern Illinois Region
                        • Sworn Investigator
                          Andrew Oldfield Web Developer
                            Ellen Petty Human Resources & Labor Relations Manager
                              Lee Ryker Police Training Specialist
                              • Southern Illinois Region
                              • Sworn Investigator
                                Scott Schaefer Police Training Specialist
                                • East Central Illinois Region
                                • Sworn Investigator
                                  Kristina Shelton Chief Fiscal Officer
                                    Kortenay Templeton Systems Administrator
                                      Natalie Tsai Form E (Notice of Appointment/Separation) Coordinator
                                        Jill R. Wieland Lead Certification Specialist
                                          Cheryllynn Williams Deputy Director of Training
                                          • Sworn Investigator
                                            Jennifer Wooldridge Manager of Operations and Special Projects
                                            • CIT
                                            • Specialized Programs