Keith Calloway, Interim Executive Director | JB Pritzker, Governor
Camera Grant Information

The Board is happy to announce that the next round of camera grant awards is open for application.

Under this program, funds will be available to reimburse municipal and county law enforcement agencies for officer-worn and in-car cameras purchased after July 1, 2020 and before June 30, 2021.

Like the previous program, all agencies must be GATA approved and must be compliant will all statutory obligations, training mandates and ILETSB Rules at the time of application and prior to being awarded any funds.

Eligibility to receive funds from this grant will require the agency to produce a paid invoice indicating a per camera cost that correlates to an amount tendered as payment in full. Lease agreements or promotional offers that result in no camera costs will not qualify for funding under this grant. Costs and fees related to data storage, licensure, maintenance, warranties, and other intangibles are currently not eligible for reimbursement under this program.

Applications will only be accepted until 5:00 pm on Saturday, May 15th and no extensions will be available. All equipment purchases must be made prior to the close of the State’s fiscal year on June 30, 2021 and proof of purchase and installation must be made prior to July 31, 2021.

Agencies intending to apply for these grant funds must be prepared to submit the following:

  • Receipts of purchase and payment dated between 7/01/20 and 6/30/21.
  • The make, model and serial number for all cameras requested for reimbursement.
  • Receipts for implementation (body-worn) and or installation (in-car) prior to 6/30/21.
  • Demographic data as requested by the Board.
  • Proof of pre-qualification as required under GATA (Note: This may take several weeks if not already approved.)

Cameras identified in a previous ILETSB award are not eligible for this round of reimbursements.

There are three documents that must be completed before your application is completed:

  1. The Board’s application worksheet found here:

  2. The GATA Conflict Disclosure Affidavit found here:
    Uniform Grant Agreement Affidavit of Disclosure of Conflicts of interest.pdf
    NOTE:  PLEASE SAVE AS "(your agency name) conflict" and email as a PDF to:

  3. The GATA Uniform Application Packet found here:
    Uniform Application for State Grant Assistance
    NOTE: PLEASE SAVE AS “(your agency name) application” and email as a PDF to:



  1. Is my agency already registered under GATA?
    Please check with your Grant or Finance department or on the State Grant website. Please note ILETSB staff cannot approve or fix GATA issues for your agency.
  2. Can my agency apply for more than one category of grant?
    Yes, the application is broken down into category sections and your agency can apply to multiple sections in the same application.
  3. Can we include costs of storage in the claim for reimbursement?
  4. Can we include costs of installation in the claim for reimbursement?
  5. Our agency paid more than $895/$5,752 per camera, are we eligible for the reimbursement?
    Yes, but each unit purchased is only eligible up to the maximum amount allowed under this grant program. The balance would be your responsibility.
  6. Our provider did not charge us for cameras but instead charges for monthly/annual services – is this reimbursable?

To submit a question, please do so here: