Brent Fischer, Director | JB Pritzker, Governor
Emotional Survival: MTU 8 (2021 03)

CIT Training Event Details
Emotional Survival
8 Hour
Heartland Community College
Normal, Illinois

To register, contact Mobile Team Unit 8 at (309) 268-8430 or register online.

Course Description

This presentation is designed to assist law enforcement professionals by the development of behavioral strategies to inoculate against loss of idealist and inappropriate behavior patterns. It will review the short and long term effect on law enforcement officers on both the personal and professional aspects of their lives. The course will discuss how the initial enthusiasm and desire to professionally contribute can be transformed into negative cynicism, social distrust and hostility to the world at large that significantly impacts the professionals work performance, decision-making and ultimately over-all quality of life. The course will also review the impact on the children of law enforcement families in terms of school functioning and health. The goal of the course is to have the law enforcement professional review the potential impact the career causes in the personal life and to develop strategies for overall emotional survival.