Keith Calloway, Executive Director | JB Pritzker, Governor
Agency Information

The Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board, referred to as the Board, is the state agency mandated to promote and maintain a high level of professional standards for law enforcement and correctional officers. Its purpose is to promote and protect citizen health, safety and welfare by encouraging municipalities, counties, park districts, State-controlled universities, colleges, public community colleges, and other local governmental agencies of this state and participating State agencies in their efforts to upgrade and maintain a high level of training and standards for law enforcement personnel.

Responsibilities of the Board include: developing and providing quality training and education, setting standards, aiding in the establishment of adequate training facilities, and providing financial assistance. Please note that the Board receives no State general revenue funds. Funding of in-service and recruit training comes from monies acquired from the surcharge fund and Federal and State grants. The funding mechanism in the State of Illinois is unique in that it is one of two states in the amount of funding provided by the Governor and the General Assembly to promote law enforcement training.

Since its inception, the Board has progressively evolved and expanded. By adapting to changes in technology, the ever-changing face of crime in the United States, and society's demands on those entrusted with the responsibility of enforcing their laws, the Board has played a crucial role in the professionalization of policing in Illinois.

Board Members

The Mission

It is the mission of the Board to provide standards and training which enhance the ability of law enforcement to readily and quickly adapt to our rapidly changing society and which can lead to public recognition of law enforcement as a profession.

The Board will promulgate standards for the selection and training of employees of law enforcement agencies both at the entry and advanced level so as to improve their training and performance, and to establish their qualification to be certified in the State of Illinois according to the standards and rules of the Board and the requirements of the Act; which standards shall establish mandatory, minimum requirements pertaining to the lack of a criminal history background; and the establishment of standards applicable to education, mental moral, ethical, and physical skills and qualities.

The Board will establish, evaluate and improve curricula, required preparation for instructors and will certify qualified instructors and certify academy and other facilities acceptable for delivering such training

The Board will certify personnel who have acquired the levels of education, training, and experience necessary to perform the duties of law enforcement.

The Board will conduct research and evaluation needed to develop and improve the Boards standards and training based upon objective knowledge and the performance needs required, insofar as funds and practicality permit.

The Board will conduct surveys and research concerning training and the administration and operation of law enforcement agencies, and/or will aid governmental unites in implementing the recommendations of studies which are conducted by other agencies or by consulting firms.

The Board will determine and secure agency and individual compliance with the Act, and all associated administrative standards, policies, and rules and regulations.

The Board will provide financial aid as is authorized by the Governor and the General Assembly to Board-approved entities, forever considering the impact upon both quality and improvement, statewide uniformity and accessibility, cost effectiveness, and other legislative requirements.