Keith Calloway, Executive Director | JB Pritzker, Governor
School Resource Officer

Beginning in January of 2021, any law enforcement officer serving as a School Resource Officer (SRO) pursuant to an agreement between a school district and a law enforcement agency, must be certified as having completed the necessary course of instruction. This certificate may be obtained by completing the Board’s new course (the ILETSB SRO Course) created especially for new SROs or by obtaining a waiver based on previously completed coursework.

If you are a chief or sheriff seeking to enroll your officer into the SRO program, please click here to download the SRO Application/Waiver Form. This form will allow you to enter all pertinent information regarding your SRO officer. If your officer has completed courses in the required fields, you may request a waiver using this form as well.

If you are looking to recertify your current SRO please complete this form.

To learn more about the Board’s SRO course, click here.

If you are an officer with some previous experience or coursework related to SRO topics, please click here to learn more the Board’s waiver process.

If you are a school administrator seeking to learn more about the Board’s SRO program, click here.

For any questions please review the FAQ's or email