Keith Calloway, Executive Director | JB Pritzker, Governor
LEDI Information

WHAT IS LEDI (Law Enforcement Document Interchange)?

The Law Enforcement Document Exchange (LEDI) is a web-based application that allow users (Law Enforcement Agencies and State's Attorneys offices) to access their personnel roster, firearms re-qualification roster and Form-E (Notice of Appointment/Separation) from anywhere there is internet access. A user can have editing access (fill in the various forms), read only access or signature authority (able to legally sign specific forms and reports).


Many Law Enforcement Agencies and State's Attorneys have signed up and are now users of the LEDI system. The responses from the users are overwhelmingly positive.

To sign up for LEDI simply fill out the LEDI application here and email it to After your application has been reviewed, the Board will notify the agency applicant via email. This email will contain the user's logon information.

LEDI Application / LOG ON NOW

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


If someone in your agency had access to LEDI and has left your employment or is now doing other duties, please remember to email requesting deactivation.

Agencies who elect to use LEDI MUST ensure that there is at least one LEDI user with edit access and signature authority for each category (i.e. Form-E, Personnel and Firearms Rosters). Without this access and signature authority for each category, data may be saved, but will not be reported to the Board office as complete.

To access the LEDI system, you must have the following system requirements:
1) A fully functional Internet connection.
2) While LEDI may work on other systems (including Macintosh and Linux) it is only tested for full compliance on Microsoft Windows systems with Google Chrome.
3) The Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board cannot be responsible for extensive troubleshooting of end-user machines. Please make sure that any machine intended to connect to LEDI is in proper working order and does not have any settings or configurations that prevent the proper usage of LEDI.

Any questions or problems with technical issues, including access to the system, should be directed to IT Staff at (in the text, please explain the nature of your problem and leave a phone number where you may be reached) or call 217-782-4540.