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Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board

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Lead Homicide Investigator Certification/Recertification:
Any questions regarding Lead Homicide Investigator (LHI) in general, LHI Certification and Recertification. Click here for more information.

Instructor Applications:
Submission of Instructor Applications along with any questions.  Click here for more information.

Chief’s & Sheriff’s 20-Hour Annual Training:
Please submit your completed Annual Training to this email.  The Sheriff’s form is located here, and the Chief’s form can be found here.

Police Pursuit Driving Forms:
Any questions regarding Police Pursuit forms or to submit a completed form.  Click here for more information and access to the form.


If you are requesting documents see PTB.FOIA.  All other questions regarding certification, decertification, waivers, reciprocity, and military & medical freezes.

Professional Conduct Database Request:
Chiefs, Sheriffs and State’s Attorneys can search the Professional Conduct Database in LEDI.

Professional Conduct Database Reports:
Submit Professional Conduct Database Reports.  In addition to completing the Professional Conduct Report form, the reporting agency must include a detailed, typed report of the officer’s conduct which led to the officer’s discharge/dismissal, or resignation under investigation.  Please do not submit a report until after all related criminal investigations have been completed. Click here for more information.

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT):
All CIT related questions.  Additional information about our CIT program can be found here.

Officer Complaint:

Please complete the Officer Complaint Form Q found here. Once complete submit the form to this email address.

Technical Assistance:
For technical assistance and to submit LEDI applications.

Contacting Field Staff:

Any agency needing to find their Field Rep.  Agency questions on mandated training standards, mandated reports and adherence to Board rules and regulations.

Fiscal Related Issues:

Any questions regarding payments, reimbursements, or fiscal related issues.  See PTB.Grants below to submit all fiscal questions regarding the Camera Grant.

FOIA Request:
A FOIA is any request for documents.  It is acceptable to submit your FOIA request as an email, or if you prefer, you can complete and submit the FOIA Request form.  Click here for more information.  Please do not include Social Security Numbers in any part of your request as we do not use them and cannot search by them.

Camera Grant Information:
All questions dealing with Camera Grants.  Click here for more information.

General employment questions only, do not submit resumes through this email, any resumes submitted at this email cannot be considered.

All available ILETSB employment opportunities will be posted on the State of Illinois Career Portal.  You will not be considered for any position for which you do not directly apply through the Career Portal. Additional employment information can be found here.  Thank you for your interest in seeking employment with our agency. 

Human Resources:
Any non-payroll, personnel-related questions to be directed to the Human Resources Manager.

Canine Program:
All questions regarding the Canine program.  Click here for more information.

School Resource Officer (SRO):
Any questions surrounding the School Resource Officer and training.  Click here for more information.

If you are a chief or sheriff seeking to enroll your officer into the SRO program, please click here to download the SRO Application/Waiver Form. This form will allow you to enter all pertinent information regarding your SRO officer.

Any questions regarding Mandated and In-Service training, or if you are looking to find out who your Field Rep is.  For CIT, SRO, Canine and Chief & Sheriff 20-Hour Annual Training please see above.

If you did not find what you are looking for please email