Keith Calloway, Executive Director | JB Pritzker, Governor
School Resource Officer Waiver Process

The Board may issue a waiver on a case by case basis stating that an officer has previously received training and experience that is substantially equal to that provided in the Course.

A waiver may be issued only upon the presentation of documentation to the Board evidencing that, at the time of application, the individual seeking the waiver:

  1. Is currently employed as a law enforcement officer in Illinois;
  2. Has at least 3 years of experience as a law enforcement officer;
  3. Has completed formal training regarding:
    1. Juvenile Law and the role of Juvenile Officers;
    2. The school environment and youth communication techniques; and
    3. Rapid response technique

Only a chief administrator of the law enforcement agency may request a waiver for its officers. The agency seeking a waiver must apply on a form prescribed by the Board. The form shall require disclosure of all information requested by the Board regarding applicant, including, but not limited to, applicant's training, experience, and background.

Any information requested by the Board and submitted by the applicant shall be considered confidential and shall not be utilized for any purpose other than that described in this Section. All waiver decisions by the Board are final.

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