Keith Calloway, Executive Director | JB Pritzker, Governor
SAFE-T Act Updates to ILETSB Forms

In accordance with the revisions of the SAFE-T Act, the Board is creating several new forms, and modifying existing forms, to be used when reporting officer misconduct. While additional revisions are forthcoming, the following forms are now available on the Board’s website:


Professional Conduct Report (Form R) – This document, known as a “Form R,” allows police agencies to report officer misconduct to the Board when it results in termination, a suspension of at least 10 days, or compels a resignation while under investigation. Details regarding when this revised form is needed can be found on the form itself. Any officer reported to this database may respond on a separate from, which will become part of the file maintained by the Board. Agencies seeking to report misconduct that does not rise to the level required to be reported under Section 9.3 of the Police Training Act, may use Form Q, described below.


Officer Complaint (Form Q) – Under Section 6.3 of the Police Training Act, the Board will now accept complaints made against officers from members of the public, state’s attorneys, and police agencies. When this “Form Q” is received, it will be reviewed by Board staff and assigned for investigation or referral.


Notice of Arrest (Form O) – The Police Training Act requires officers and their employing agencies to notify the Board whenever an officer is arrested. This “Form O” will make it easier for both to do so while including the requisite information for Board processing.


All of these forms can be found be found under the "General Forms" section of our Forms and Information page.